Genshin Impact is a free-to-play action role-playing game developed and published by miHoYo, who are known for Honkai Impact 3rd, a popular action game. The game features a fantasy-based open world with gacha game mechanics. It was released for Microsoft Windows, PlayStation 4, Android and iOS on September 28, 2020.


I haven't played BotW but playing this has been pretty fun, the open world is fun to explore. I'm impressed with how good this game is considering it's supposed to run on mobile (it doesn't run too well on my phone but great on my PC). It's actually been a huge timesink for me recently and it's awful... but I just spent the last day rerolling though so I have to restart all the progress I made.

Gotta say though, the coop is incredibly underwhelming and I hope they fix it and make it better. It's like super pointless to do coop with people other than to grind bosses or dungeons

I've been playing this game since it got released and goddamn is it addictive. It's probably one of the more consumer friendly games I've seen regardless of the gacha system. You can do several rolls each day without paying real money, and as OP said there's a pity system to guarantee a high value item every 10 tries. Good luck if you're trying to get the highest tier characters since those are the rarest finds, but keep in mind lots of characters have their own traits and can be very good on their own. I've gotten lucky and got a 5-star character without spending a dime, and I will probably never spend any money on this game.

The exploration in this game is really amazing. From the start you get a decent area to explore but more becomes way more open. Compared to BotW there are actually way more things to do. You can find groups of enemies with loot, loot chests in secret areas, boss fights, puzzles, challenges, etc. There's a lot of variety of each of them too, so its hard to get bored of them.

The story quests are pretty interesting. The plot is essentially about two angel twins who are separated (you pick as one to play) by an unknown dark god. You fall into this new world and get involved with the different conflicts going on throughout the world. There's a variety of interesting characters with unique personalities that are sorta trope-ish to Japanese RPGs. All the secondary characters you come across can also be unlocked through the gacha system. The voicing in both English and Japanese is pretty good. They did a fantastic job translating to English with lots of figures of speech and jokes that make it hard to tell that it was translated in the first place.

Overall, its a very addictive game with lots of things to do. I'd highly recommend this game as well.

You can get several free rolls each day? How

Are you talking about just doing stuff for primogems?

Pretty nice surprise to see that this is apparently good. Guess I’ll check it out

Yeah, I hit AR22 recently and I'm not getting that many primogems anymore. It'll be a lot of saving up before I could do another 10x roll, how are you doing several rolls each day for free? On that note, though, I had around like 3600 primogems saved up, so i havent been rolling as soon as i possibly could

is it coop/multiplayer at all

[quote mentionsUser="678" postId="552362" threadPage="1" threadId="17077" username="SFC"]You can get several free rolls each day? How

Are you talking about just doing stuff for primogems?[/quote]

Yeah just the variety of quests that give primogens and the 160 primogens a day is enough that I can do like 4-6 rolls a day. There's plenty of random world quests, story quests, adventure quests that I keep getting plenty of primogens.

Here's a good vid I follow:

Glad to hear the game turned out to be good. Guess I'll give it a try.

I was wondering if a thread was going to be made eventually. I would've made one myself, but I've been pretty busy lately.

I've been warming up to this game a lot. When I initially tried it, I wasn't too impressed to be honest, but the more I've played it, the more I want to continue playing it.

Yeah, it's a free to play gacha game by a Chinese developer (that's 3 major red flags right there), but those are assuaged a bit by the core experience being single player, there not really being a wall outside of Spiraling Abyss (which you don't have to do at all), and registering an account for the game not even requiring an email (you can literally just provide a username and password and you're all set).

What really convinced me to give the game a shot though was them responding to community feedback regarding the game's anti cheat. On launch, it was a kernel level anti cheat that always ran in the background (think Valorant), but pretty much less than a day after launch, they updated it to have it only run when the game is running. That fast and positive response towards controversy is what has me less wary of the intention of the devs.

My only qualms with the game really just come from some inadequacies in the PC port. Things like not saving what input method you're using (always defaults to keyboard), forced mouse smoothing that can't be disabled, different horizontal and vertical sensitivities that can't be changed, 60 FPS cap, etc. Nothing game breaking, just some things I hope get addressed.

Haven't spent a cent on the game and don't ever plan to.

Playing this game without having played BoTW is making me feel like I'm committing some kind of gaming sin.

Anyone here have played BoTW and can compare the 2 games? I'd like to play that game if I ever got around to owning a switch one day but for now this is filling in that niche.

Genshin Impact have completely blown my expectations out of the water for what a gacha game can be.I was initially enticed by the art direction and was expecting a cheap cashgrab but ho~oh boy the base game is actually very solid.The exploration is simply amazing and the combat have a surprising amount of depth and everything is so goddamn beautiful aaaa.My friends have all been roped in by the gacha mechanics but personally I haven't been too bothered by them ( if only in due part to me finding the starting character already being cute enough :v)

Started downloading it, now i'm curious if the game is cross-save.

I share the sentiment of everyone else, pretty much, though I was less surprised about just how good this game turned out to be. I've been a fan of Mihoyo since the early days of Honkai Impact 3rd, so I knew their style of presentation going in. Even though I knew how capable they were, it's still insane to think of the pure scale of this game, comparatively. I'm AR32 going on 33 and I don't think I've been this focused on a game before, maybe ever. The world has so much detail, you can climb over mountains and find new wonders. None of it seems to repeat and it's always fresh, at least in my eyes.

It's a large map too, two city states currently which will likely expand to encompass all of the elements in the game. So, a minimum of at least six. Rumors are saying that the next update 1.1 will contain an area equal in size to Liyue, the current largest city state in the game. There's a bunch of secrets, too. Puzzles and ancient ruins that contain treasure chests scattered all around the map.

I've started hitting a point where I've got no quests to do, so progression is slow, but knowing that more content is on the way gets me really excited. I only wish the co-op was actually worth playing, because as it stands it just feels limiting. When you enter someones world, you can't open chests or do your own quests, so you're just acting as some improvised bodyguard to the host. You can fight bosses and do Artifact/Material grinding through co-op, but at the point I'm at I've plateaued because I can't level up my characters further until I hit AR35, and my Fischl just cuts through every boss and every dungeon like it's nothing regardless. It makes Co-op seem pointless.

Gacha is nice, you don't truly have to focus it, but whaling is always an option. Really, it's barely a gacha game in all honesty. Most gachas stike a balance between doing gacha and playing the game, a near 50/50 balance. Genshin mostly seems to be a 70/30 split between gameplay and gacha. It's a genuine game with gacha elements stuck on top, and I can guarantee you can have fun exploring the world and fighting without spending any money.

Give it a try, it's free and you won't lose anything if it doesn't click with you. Personally though, I find it wonderful.

sounds just like dark souls coop to me which is totally fine

Oh god, why is Paimon adorable... [spoiler]and how the fuck do you drown? You freaking fly[/spoiler]

Yes, it does feel odd from playing BOTW, but hey, it got them beat by having music everywhere from what I'm playing right now.

[quote mentionsUser="1106" postId="552430" threadPage="1" threadId="17077" username="KnightRider25"]Started downloading it, now i'm curious if the game is cross-save.[/quote]

It is cross-save between PC and Mobile, but not PS4. PS4 does not cross save between any platform

is it important which server you choose? wouldnt have thought so if it has crossplay but it warns you data cant be shared across servers

[quote mentionsUser="975" postId="552369" threadPage="1" threadId="17077" username="Lintz"]is it coop/multiplayer at all[/quote]

There is a co-op feature where you can explore the world with up to 4 other people, but it's pretty limiting and in a sense kind of pointless. The only thing coop is good for is doing world bosses and running dungeons, because the open-world exploration (finding chests, etc.) only rewards the host and not the other players. You also can't really expand the world while in co-op, you can go outside of explored regions but you can't make them visible on your map until you're back in singleplayer. I was hyped to play the game with my brother in coop but it turns out it's super pointless because only one of us gets rewards. I hope they improve the feature in the future, it would elevate this game to the next tier for me if the coop was similar to singleplayer, but it seems unlikely because I think they planned out all the content and resources you can get from the open world

[quote mentionsUser="5480" postId="552451" threadPage="1" threadId="17077" username="waylander"]is it important which server you choose?[/quote]

Not sure, I think the servers are just for ping purposes and region purposes. Are you thinking of choosing a server that's not your actual region?

Wow, I'm surprised it has a lot of voice-acting. I'm impressed for a free-to-play game.
[quote mentionsUser="4258" postId="552450" threadPage="1" threadId="17077" username="The"]It is cross-save between PC and Mobile, but not PS4. PS4 does not cross save between any platform[/quote]
Of fucking course... but glad it's cross-save on mobile. thankfully I'm playing on PC so all is good.

[quote mentionsUser="4258" postId="552455" threadPage="1" threadId="17077" username="The"]Not sure, I think the servers are just for ping purposes and region purposes. Are you thinking of choosing a server that's not your actual region?[/quote]

i was going to pick EU but it defaults to NA