i host a gamemode that takes after darkRP in a lot of ways but focuses on player interaction and unique features rather than encouraging basing and raiding and i'm always looking for new ideas.
either from today or when darkRP was still a fun gamemode on average, what do you remember most fondly that involved you acting with others, in an antagonistic fashion or not?

I recall eons ago we'd build a base on a big house with windows, get a fuckton of guns and then advert "ANARCHY DIE COPS" until we'd get raided by cops and shootout ensued.
Not every admin really endorsed that behavior for some reason, lol.


driving a 12 year old to near-suicide for daring to be the mayor while owning a squeaky voice and having no idea what he was doing as a 10 year old with a squeaky voice with no idea what he was doing

darkrp was sort of fucked up

Buying a sniper rifle and seeing how long I can assassinate people before the admins give me a talking to

On my favorite server, criminals were allowed to kill cops on sight and police were allowed to arrest on sight and shoot back in self defense. Constant raids back and forth, it was the best. The server also gave you the ability to unlock nearly every sandbox/wiremod tool with enough playtime, as well as some lite rpg features like a stealth skill.

idk how but I somehow managed to buy up all the doors to other peoples' houses because of a glitch and i loved leasing out other peoples' houses to themselves. They paid rent or they lost co-owner.