Post any dreams you've had. Whether you had them last night or they happened years ago and stuck in your mind, doesn't matter

A reoccuring nightmare I had when I was in preschool involved our then neighbors' Rottweillers appearing by our house, shouting my name, and then running at me to maul me. I always woke up just when they were about to bite. The really messed up part was that it was a blend of a nightmare and hallucination, that made me question my sense of reality. It always happened after the bus would drop me off and I walked up to our door. I had no idea when reality ended and the dream began, and even back then I knew this shit wasn't normal. Needless to say, it made me afraid to come home. It finally stopped after we moved out, but even now I still feel uneasy on the rare occasions I pass by the old neighborhood.

not any dream in particular but its really neat how most of my dreams take place in the same fictional world that loosely resembles places ive been through my life all stitched together. ive been meaning to draw maps when i wake up of my dreams to better remember them.

i had a dream where an old friend came to visit, havent seen her in 5 years or so, made me really nostalgic for the university, living alone in the city period of my life.

Oh boy, here’s my favorite in the broken grammar I typed it in when I woke up.

“Dream starts off in a facility old, wet with blue lighting. Me and several others (family?) are running away from goons. Heavy themes of aviation. Become self aware that I'm running in circles through the pentagon shaped facility open door up into modern facilty (same one) and head upstairs. Tell people that I am heading outside. Dash across the rainy street to a fancy modern building that eventually changes into best buy. On the way I hear radio chatter of the upstairs guys being told to detain me. I quicken my pace. Once inside I'm happy at my escapr and jump really high. People gawk at me for a moment and I realize I need to play ot cool and hide. So I disguise as a mall santa and make note of the fact its a good disguise. Everyone forgets that I jumped really high. Bad guy comes in and immediately finds out to which I play my disguise and give him a present of coal. He opens the box and finds actual toys. I tell o that is is christmas season and I want to forgivr him. (Somewhere along the way he realizes who I am but I don't remember how) and also that person becomes a female and I somehow end up at her house, I drink water ( I think she offers it. (I make threats to kill her if she snitches to which she replies, wjat did you have to drink? I then realoze I had been outplayed as the water was drugged and feel dizzy as she proceeds to stab me with a carving knife. When I woke up the lighting on my drawer resembled the female just before stabbing me and it took me a bit to wake up and realize what had happened”

Pasting these from a Discord "dream journal" channel. Sorry for the lack of capitalization, I don't type with full effort in stuff like that.

[blockquote]had a dream where aliens invaded and we had to figure out their weird cryptographic language and ways of communicating with one another, which was leaving around different colored plastic jugs in various places, to stop them from doing something horrible. we figured it out just as we ran out of time. orange polyhedron shaped jug meant nuclear attack. they nuked several major cities around the globe and we (my family and i) were living in new york for some reason (i live in ohio...) and we watched manhattan island get vaporized, our house was destroyed in the blast wave but we all lived, i cried more about all my computers getting murderized in various ways[/blockquote]

[blockquote]had a dream where someone gave me a really heavy cool looking cane (was almost a fucking staff, tbh) as a gift and the moment i grabbed onto it i turned edgy. i got mad that i didnt have any black clothes to wear so i went about, visibly pissed, in a flowery dress with this cool-ass gothy black cane beating the shit out of bad people, with extra anger because i couldnt dress the way i wanted to. it was a silk black painted wooden stick with a silver ring near the top capped by a rounded edge silver cube... pretty sure all that was missing was an oversized bird and a panther[/blockquote]

And my favorite one this year...

[blockquote]someone was playing a fallout 3 total conversion mod that turned it into dbz smash bros. a several hundred story tall thanos was in it as an assist trophy. his only move was just standing there with his feet taking up like 90% of the stage and you got hurt and knocked back if you touched them, and by "feet" i mean his literal, actual, uncovered feet of which had a total of like 10 polygons between them. looking back its really funny to see like, legendary super saiyan broly get fucking smash bros style murdered by giant thanos feet just because he bumped into them as they sat there doing absolutely nothing[/blockquote]

In multiple occasions I have had dreams where there was nothing but complete darkness. Eerily peaceful.

oooh I like dreams they're fun when I remember em so heres some ones I kinda remember. Been wanting to start a dream journal but my thoughts when I wake up nowadays are like "oh fuck I got a brilliant idea for my shit boardgames eehheheoh god I stink rn need to shower" and I forget everything else and then the child dies of neglect.

First and favorite was the one where I found out about subconscious racism:
I dreamed I was playing some game where you're like a taliban member or some shit, and to access your inventory you got sucked into your turban and it was this huge fucking dome with all your shit mounted on the walls of the turban dome.

Another fun one: I was in some fuckin weird ass land that was like a cross between candyland, hell and the Land of Oz. I was walking on a path that was sorta like the yellow brick road but with chocolate and shit, there were giant fucking lollipops and candy canes everywhere, and they were all possessed by demons and were screaming at eachother and trying to kill each other. At the end of the road however was a toilet, and I decided I wanted to take a leak so I started doing some aerobics like I was fucking Richard Simmons or something. Then I woke up and was like "I NEED TO PISS RIGHT FUCKING NOW" and went and I blasted more piss into the toilet than there is water in the ocean. Always wee before bed unless you want to panic and see demons.

One of the worst dreams I ever had was I was driving some fucking jalopy shitfire of a car from the 20's on a highway that was like 999ft off the ground and barely wide enough to hold the car and had no guard rails. Suddenly the engine explodes which launched the car and me off the highway and I was in freefall for minutes and woke up before landing. This one was probably a decade ago, and I still hate it because I've always hated heights. Like I can't stand up when I'm near a high ledge, my brain refuses to let me do it without raising my heartrate to like 400000000bpm.

I had a rather strange dream where I basically lived a few ordinary days except everything was just marginally different. Neighborhood was different, furniture was out of place, a few new rooms, just enough to fuck me up. Then I woke up. I woke up right into another god damn dream of the same shit. The real fun part was how vivid it was for a few hours after I woke up for real so I was like "wait no we don't have secret tunnels in the basement" and I was both extremely disappointed by the lack of dank ass alleyways and confused by the lack of dank ass alleyways.

Last and second favorite dream I remember well: I was in the desert in a fighting game kinda battle with a skeleton like it was Mortal Kombat 2 or some shit. Eventually I broke away from the fight cause i was getting my ass kicked by the skeleton, and I ran into a hospital. I'm not sure why there was a hospital built on the foundation of loose desert sand, but that wasn't really a concern because by the time I got in the hospital the skeleton got a big ass wheelie recycling bin and chucked the fucking thing and me and it wrecked my shit and I woke up as it was rushing to curb stomp me. It was utterly horrifying when I was in that dream but as soon as I woke up I couldn't stop fucking laughing. Fuck skeletons tho they scary cunts

Had a nightmare two years ago where I was in the IT universe and encountered Pennywise

He told me he was going to manifest into my biggest fear... which was me starring in The Emoji Movie...

had a dream my ex wanted to try again and work things out, felt amazing

then i woke up


here's one dream i felt weird

i have a dream that i wake up at the floor in the middle of burning bus, The bus was on fire so hard that even the chair is burning. I try to get off the bus, but suddenly a girl come to me blocking the way with a knife and a gasoline can in her hands, i got scared as fuck as she getting near me, i run as she corner me in the back of the bus. Then she put her knife on my neck and she slowly insert it to my neck. i got scared as heck
and then she say "i hate you"
before i wake up with a lot of sweat.

i have more if you want

some black dude tried getting into a fight with me in full view of the cameras in front of local grocery store. he kept trying to grip me up and slam me but somehow i was always able to reverse it and slam him. he kept getting up despite getting slammed pretty hard until other random people showed up and started threatening him which turned into another brawl which makes it to the parking lot, this time without me included. at one point the cops/ambulance/fire truck(??) show up and i decide to get the fuck out of there and while walking out theres an entire group of 2nd/3rd graders lined up on the wall that weren't there before looking at me as i walk out, cops completely ignoring me despite there being witnesses and full tape of me fucking this dude up. then i played playstation 4 at someone elses house

for the record, ive never been in a real fight in my life and this dude resembles no one i know

i woke up with a stiff neck because i slept weird because i passed out after dealing with an episode of stomach pain from some kinda stomach bug
what the fuck brain

edited in more details i forgot

Fighting scenes in dreams often sucks for me because there is no haptic feedback and your punches feels like going through jello. Mind powers all the way.

I had this very short dream about walking on the side of a road next to a forest searching for someone, and as soon as I try to walk between some trees a loud scream frightens me enough to wake me up. A loud and sharp sound directly in the head like a scream or a glass breaking.
It is not the first time that I got dreams interrupted by such noises and sometimes makes me wake up thinking if someone got into the house.

dreamt I was an entirely different person and in love for the first time with someone who I assume doesn't exist. It was a relatively long dream, maybe a couple weeks, somewhere around there. Felt like the truest love imaginable, then I woke up and realized it wasn't real.
I have a girlfriend of over a year who I live with and love very much but this dream has had me fucked up the past couple of days. The feeling in the dream felt so much more real than my life. I wish I could go back, but then again my life is okay as it is.
Really crushing feeling tbh.

Honestly my dreams suck. One time i dreamt I got KFC and my mum stole my gravy. Another time I dreamt I went to Spar and bought some nice cheese. What the fuck does any of that mean? On the bright side, at least my dreams are achievable.

[quote username="Barnek" threadId="3504" threadPage="1" postId="90664" mentionsUser="318"]Fighting scenes in dreams often sucks for me because there is no haptic feedback and your punches feels like going through jello. Mind powers all the way.I had this very short dream about walking on the side of a road next to a forest searching for someone, and as soon as I try to walk between some trees a loud scream frightens me enough to wake me up. A loud and sharp sound directly in the head like a scream or a glass breaking.It is not the first time that I got dreams interrupted by such noises and sometimes makes me wake up thinking if someone got into the house.[/quote]
yeah i get that, but a lot of my dreams feel like im playing a video game/watching a movie so i thought it had to do with that

I had a dream where I brought my dog back to life. She wasn’t there when I woke up.

Oh boy, I have some doozies to share

The big recurring one is that I just wander aimlessly in a ash-covered, dilapidated version of the real world, I've dubbed this the "ash world", and it appears almost nightly. I'll share some ones that stuck out for not being just mindless wandering

I've been keeping logs of these for quite some time, actually, I have dozens of weird, vivid, and lucid concepts, as I write these down first thing when I wake up.
[blockquote]In the dream, I was working some late-night job at the Ingles in cleveland, there really wasn't anyone around, I round the corner of an aisle pushing a buggy, and on the far end of the aisle was someone dressed like Satori Komeji. They are just standing there, and I say "Hello?" They turn around, and start *teleporting* toward me, moving about 10 feet closer every time they appear, and they grab me by my head and throw me backwards, I get up, and start running to my car, and I can see them phasing in and out towards me in the parking lot's lights, I get in the car just as they get near, and I lock the door, and they are just going insane, clawing at the door and banging on the windows, and I start the car, and for whatever reason, I threw it into reverse, and rammed them with the car, smashing them between the side of the supermarket and the front of the car. But of course, they aren't dead, and punch out the windshield, waking me up[/blockquote]

[blockquote]Basically, me and the family had gone on a road trip, and we stopped in Nashville for a few days for some reason, we stayed in this old brown-stone building that had been converted to a hotel/inn on one side, and in the other half of the building was some kind of "mountain museum" showcasing old antiques from the early 1900s, that kind of thing.
While we were there, the museum got one hell of a delivery. It was a early sort of vending machine, a massive machine made of wood and cast iron, painted an awful green color. And then the weird stuff started happening. Things started disappearing from the museum half, and changing places in the morning. The guy running the museum also dissappeared. The vending machine had been re-located, or re-located itself to the center of the museum's foyer. At night, you could see a weird green glow between the boards of the walls. The museum stopped opening, and you could hear the sounds of scraping metal and creaking wood through the walls. Anyone who went in, didn't come back out. Wondering what's up, I snuck in the back door, but didn't get far before getting caught and confronted.... by the three people that had disappeared. They seemed human at first, but then their movements got twitchy, strange, and uncanny. Their voices cracked occasionally. They started talking about how they planned to "open this place to the world, and share their "treats" with the public at large."
Their movements continued to get more disjointed, until it happened, they started coming apart, like melting wax dummies. cast iron machinery started splitting open their skin. They started looking less like people, and more like inanimate objects that belonged in the museum. They were far from inanimate, though, marching forward as they chanted, encouraging me to "eat! eat! eat!"[/blockquote]
[blockquote]The dream started in the church, y'know, the one that both you and I went to. People were hiding in there because for some reason, monsters had been appearing recently. I walked into the older, creaky part of the church, where the bathrooms were, only to find myself in a maze of old, creaky rooms, like 100 old manors strung together. I wasn't alone, though, there were creatures following me through this maze of abandoned, empty rooms. Eventually, I was cornered by a shadowy being, that had multiple arms, but no legs. It hovered above the floor, and had a single white eye in is 'head'. It stood there, towering over me. In fear, I yelled, askinh it why it was doing this. What I didn't expect was an answer. It explained that creatures like itself had been constantly hunted, locked up, expermented on, kept secret, and that strange creatures hunted humans because they wanted revenge. Other creatures gathered, everything from twisted, terrifying humanoids to moving objects and sculptures. I told them that what they were doing was no better than what people had done to them, and that if this was ever going to end, someone was goong to have to be the better entity. I explained that they had been hunting humans so long, that people associate their appearances with terror and fear. The creatures stopped approaching, and took on less aggresive stances. I asked them one by one what their stories were. The one-eyed shadow being was apparently a soldier during world war one, that had lost its squadmates and its form, to the fighting. I told it that because of its hunting, countless other people had lost their squadmates as well. It nodded, and dissappeared into a red rift in the floor. A similar process followed with all the other entities, with me asking for their stories, a lot of them had been human once, somehow I emparted sympathy on them, with all of them either vanishing, walking away, or becoming tame. Eventually, I found my way out of the maze of creaky wood and plaster, and back to everyone else. Who weren't hiding anymore.[/blockquote]

Last night one of my dreams was going just fine and then I got a bullshit jumpscare at the end of it. I was even expecting it and I still got spooked and woke up at like 4 in the morning. I was in "my" apartment (though it looked nothing like anywhere I've lived) and I had to pack up to move out, then I turn a random corner and see a mirror and I'm like [i]Wait I've seen this shit before some black skeleton ghost is about to pop out of the mirror,[/i] and sure enough it did, I went "GOD DAMMIT" and punched it in the head and woke up immediately after that.

Before that bit I was trying to defend a group of my friends after they got a death threat from an old bully of mine who said he was gonna come and shoot everyone. So since I didn't have any guns I found a bow and arrow and went to the local playground where all my friends were dancing to indian music. I danced with them, bow at the ready, while constantly looking over the hill waiting for a gang of armed thugs to come and shoot at us. It turned out just the bully came on his own and he was still like 13 years old (which was about the last time I saw him IRL) and all he had was a shitty airsoft pistol, so all of us ganged up on him and threw rocks and basketballs at his head until he cried and ran away.

And then for some reason I started making out with Cindy from Jimmy Neutron, who was apparently one of my friends there. Fuck if I know what that all meant.


[quote username="Cassiopeia" threadId="3504" threadPage="1" postId="91499" mentionsUser="2568"]I had a dream where I brought my dog back to life. She wasn’t there when I woke up.[/quote]
That sucks, I keep having dreams where my old dogs are just there and always have been, even though they died like 4 years ago.

My dreams are almost always nightmarish-like dreams, revolving around anxious feelings like heights and/or being chased by someone or something, and/or trying to get home or away from something.

I see dreams rarely though, but when I do, I have a tendency to rememberthem for a really long time.

I keep fucking trying to beat up people in my dreams but my punches and kicks get slowed down like I have bricks glued to my body so I have to resort to
grappling which seems to sort of work but it's still not powerful enough and the dudes I'm beating up are just like fucking smiling at me while I'm trying to
beat the living shit out of them and it pisses me off.

With that out of the way, most of my dreams nowadays consist of me getting brutally murdered complete with actual pain.
Like a few months ago, I was having a dream I was just chillin' at some empty beach on my towel real nice and some dude just comes outta nowhere and starts
fucking shanking me with a knife. Real fun that one. Or when some other dude started ripping me apart with his mouth like some zombie or smth. P cool.
Love waking up with a concerningly fast heart rate.

I miss my lucid dreams, I haven't had one in years. They were basically my Early Access key for Fuck Shit Up. (How is it not a real game yet?)

[quote username="Gigababait" threadId="3504" threadPage="1" postId="91834" mentionsUser="222"]I keep fucking trying to beat up people in my dreams but my punches and kicks get slowed down like I have bricks glued to my body so I have to resort to grappling which seems to sort of work but it's still not powerful enough and the dudes I'm beating up are just like fucking smiling at me while I'm trying tobeat the living shit out of them and it pisses me off.fuck[/quote]
before i was able to drive i used to have dreams of trying to drive a car but the brakes or accelerator not working properly. after i was confident driving, in my dreams i was able to drive.

whenever i try to fight someone in a dream i just can't seem to hit hard but if i got into a martial art or boxing i'd imagine in my dreams it would feel like i'm hitting hard.

it is almost like it is influenced directly by an insecurity or lack of self belief.